Thursday, January 4, 2018

Forum = No Groups

A common activity for many of you, is to create a Forum, and ask that students make the FIRST post in a Forum.
                ie: “Please introduce yourself to the class…”

Unless your forum is set to “No Groups”,  students can't make the First Post.  Instead they’ll see “You do not have permission to add a new discussion topic for all participants.”
To fix this and allow students to make the first post:
                On the forum (front page with Editing Turned On) –> Edit--Edit Settings
                Common Module Settings –> Set Group Mode to No Groups -> Save

*You can also set the Default setting for the entire course to “No Groups” by going to Gear in the Upper Right, Edit Settings, Groups, & set Group Mode to No Groups.  This way when you create a Forum or Quiz or Assignment you won’t need to worry about student access to it.
**It should be noted that this “default” setting in Moodle varies depending on how the course was created (Colleague, Sandbox, or from an Imported/Restored course).

Per usual, please send Moodle issues my way, or submit a helpdesk request to notify us ASAP of any irregularities!