Monday, December 18, 2017

Backup & Archive Moodle Classes

Its very important to understand that NVU nor VSC Backup old Moodle Courses!
VSC Policy is to keep Moodle courses only 1 year + 1 month from the start date of the course.  For courses that Instructors wish to "re-use" in a new semester = 
1. For courses WITHIN this 13 month window, you can use IMPORT to replicate the course.
2. For courses BEYOND this 13 month window, Instructors are responsible to make their own BACKUP and ARCHIVE to replicate into a new semester!
Simply put - IF you plan to re-use a course in a semester more than 1 year in the future, you must make a Backup & Archive that backup to be Restored into your future course.
Even Simpler - Backup & Archive, even if you don't think you have to!

Here's how...

Backup & Archive  in 9 Easy steps:
  1. Login to Moodle – like you didn’t already know that ;-)
  2. Select Gear in upper right, choose Backup
  3. Select: Jump to Final Step
  4. Select: Continue
  5. *That’s the backup, now let’s ARCHIVE IT!!!  
  6. From the “User Private backup area”, find the course you just backed up, based on the “Time” stamp, and you'll notice your course number in the title.
Select: Download
  1. Depending on your browser settings, the file may download directly into your downloads folder (or another folder on your computer as designated in browser settings).  Locate this downloaded file – which ends in “.mbz”
  2. *Do NOT try to open it. The file can only be opened by Restoring back into Moodle, which isn’t necessary at this time.  You need to save this file someplace “safe”.  Good places would be a backup or USB drive, a cloud storage site like Google or One Drive (preferred location).  Another GREAT place to save this file would be on your network (Z: or P: Drive).  A Poor decision would be to keep this file on your current computer!
  3. Copy the .mbz file to a safe location, where we can access it, semesters in the future, when it’s time to Restore it to Moodle.

That’s it.  Take a few minutes to backup your classes.  You’ll be glad you did when it’s time to copy over a previous Gradebook setup, or Quiz or Assignment.

NOW that you’re an expert, this is the perfect time to BACKUP & ARCHIVE all of your current courses!  They will be GONE in 13 months from their start date :-(