Friday, May 4, 2018

Hidden Totals?

With Moodle 3, there is a new "default" in the way hidden grades affect the Totals columns in student views of the Gradebook.
If students are not seeing totals, you probably have a hidden grade & can change these 2 settings:

1. Go to Grades - -> Setup ---> Course Grade Settings
2. Under Overview Report, Change: Hide totals if they contain hidden items dropdown to one of the options to Show:
                 a. Show Totals Excluding Hidden Items
                 b. Show Totals Including Hidden Items
*either selection will show the Total Grade to students.

3.  There is a 2nd setting further down the page, for the User Report:
  Same options, and same settings to change...this one is specific to the User Report, so also needs to be set!