Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Moodle: Backup your Course

If you ever plan to teach with your Fall 2017 course content again, it’s useful to “not have to recreate the wheel”, right?  Of maybe you don’t want to mess with that gradebook setup all over again.  Backup your course, archive/save it someplace safe, and build your future course by restoring this Fall 2017 course!  Easy:
1.       Under Course Administration, click Backup.  Making sense so far.
2.       Click Jump to final step
3.       Give it time to do it’s thing.  Slower if you have lots of items in your course.
4.       Click Continue
5.       Find “Course Backup Area”, click Download for the file you just created (sorted by date)
6.       This downloads a “.mbz” file into your downloads folder (depending on your download settings).  Do NOT try to open this File!!!  Do NOT rename this file!!!
7.       When you find the file you want to Archive it, basically put it someplace safe like your Network Drive, a USB Drive, One Drive, etc.  Someplace you know won’t crash if your computer does!!!
8.       When it’s time to setup your future course (sounds exciting, right?) you will be required to Restore from this .mbz file.