Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Moodle: Add Sections & Fix Dates

Dear Faculty,
You may notice in Moodle that the “weekly dates” do not quite match up with the College’s calendar.  For instance, the last week in Moodle is Dec 4 – Dec 10, and we know that Finals Week is actually Dec 18 – Dec 22!  (or, Dec 21 in Lyndon)

Adding Sections:
1.       Turn Editing On
2.       Go to Edit Settings, from the course administration menu
3.       In Course Format, change 15 to 17 (note that this works only if you use the traditional “weekly” format, and not the other formats such as “Topics”).
This will add 2 new sections to the bottom of your Moodle Page.  You can rename things appropriately 

Adding Sections #2
                Bonus...Here’s a quicker way to add sections
 BUT PLEASE note that you will DELETE your bottom sections IF YOU CLICK MINUS!!!
1.       Turn Editing ON
2.       Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the + to Add sections.  You will need to click 2 times to add 2 sections, in order to account for vacation weeks.  Do NOT CLICK THE MINUS (right next to the +)

3.       That’s it, now you can rename sections as appropriate!

Renaming Section Headings:

  1.  Turn Editing On
  2.  Click the small gear beneath the heading name you want to change
  3. Uncheck the box “use default section name” (this is the Date that Colleague populates)
  4. Rename as appropriate – adding “Final’s Week” for instance, and keeping the Date is a great communicator for students!
  5.  Here's an example of a corrected course, with Fall Break, Thanksgiving week, and Final's week added: