Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Moodlemints: Getting Started - Posting your syllabus

Login & Upload your Syllabus

1.     Either click on one of your Moodle Courses within the center column of the Portal,
Or –another method = navigate to the URL https://learn.vsc.edu
and click Login (in upper right corner)
                                               i.     Then enter your VSC credentials, same as Portal & Email.
                                             ii.     Click one of your courses from “My Courses

2.     Click the Green button “Turn editing on” in the upper right
a.     At this point you can DRAG & DROP any file from your computer to the center column = easiest method!  Or continue on…

3.     Click “Add an activity or resource

4.     From the menu presented select File and Add

5.     Give your file a Name and Description

6.     Under Select files, click the small document icon with the “+” on it to Add a document

7.     This will present you with a window so you can Choose a file, then, once it’s selected, Upload this file.  Save and return to course.

8.     You will now see your File/Syllabus uploaded to the course content section.

9.     With Editing Turned On, you can move the file by dragging the double arrow to the left of it’s title.
a.     Your students will appreciate seeing the Syllabus located at the top of the Content section, near News Forum
b.     This example example uses a MS Word doc file.  This requires students to have MS Word installed in order to open/read the file.  A better suggestion would be to use PDF file types to make accessibility more universal.  Most word processors allow the user to Print or Save “as PDF”

For more help:
1.     Contact Robert Gervais directly, Robert.gervais@jsc.edu, 635-1665

2.     or use the VSC resource Moodle Docs: https://moodledocs.vsc.edu
3.   or use Moodle Medic to live chat with someone from a VSC school to help you get your answers: https://vscmymeeting.adobeconnect.com/bbdoctor