Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Moodle - Getting Started, Login & See your Course

Welcome 2017 & Let's get started right with our Moodle Setup.
You will want these resources - make life a little bit easier!!!

First - This VSC Resource is the preeminent place to get all sorts of Moodle assistance:
Start with the basics here... https://moodledocs.vsc.edu/moodle-basics-for-faculty/

Ready to start, but aren't sure where or how?
#1 - Access Your Course
You can use your VSC Credentials, same as your email-wifi-Portal/Web Services to login in to your Moodle classes:
Go to https://myjsc.jsc.edu and login to the Web Services Portal, look down the center column and locate and click on one of your Classes
*Note that classes in Grey color mean students cannot see them...(hidden).

Another way to get to your Moodle Classes, Go to https://learn.vsc.edu and click on  in the upper right corner.  Enter your VSC Credentials, and click on your Moodle Class.

Your "empty" Moodle Class will show the class Weekly Dates in the center column - this is where your Content will live.  The left column is mostly "administrative" with a link to your Gradebook, list of Users enrolled, etc. The right column holds some very useful course "Blocks" such as QuickMail and Upcoming Events.

Ready to Add your Syllabus?