Friday, April 22, 2016

Backup & Archive Moodle Class (Spring 2016)

Backup & Archive Moodle Course - Spring 2016
#1 - If you haven’t already done so, make sure that your course has been set to “Hidden” to Students. 
            Settings --> Edit settings --> Visible: Choose Hide

#2 - The next step is to create the archive file on the Moodle server.  
            Settings --> Course Administration --> Backup

#3 – Follow the onscreen directions through 5 steps.
1•Initial settings*May want to consider unchecking "Include enrolled users" or checking "Anonymize user information" to avoid identifiable student data --> Next
2•Schema settings: Select "All" or individual items as preferred --> Next
3•Confirmation and review: Leave default settings --> Perform Backup  
4•Perform Backup  *It may take 30 seconds or longer to create the backup file if your course material is extensive
5•Complete The backup file was successfully created. --> Continue 
#4 - When you reach the final screen, "Restore", you will see your Backup file (archive file to download) now located in the box entitled "Course backup area", or "User private backup area"

#5 - Click Download button next to your most recent backup and click Save (some browsers will automatically download the file to your Downloads folder). The file will be downloaded to your default Download directory on your local computer drive. 
            *It is recommended to keep the default file name for ease in finding the backup later.

#6 - Finally, check the appropriate folder on your storage disk to verify that the archive (.zip) file is where you expect it to be.  It is your preference, but highly suggested, to move or copy this .zip file archive to another location such as USB drive, networked drive, secure local drive, or some other form of backup device.  This is now your Archived Moodle course.  The only way to open/view this file is to “restore” into an existing Moodle class (save for future use!).