Friday, July 25, 2014

JSC Email Access Announcement

Beginning July 7 JSC email was migrated to Exchange’s Cloud-based Email.  You may access your email using one of the following methods:

From the Portal –
The email web part in the top right hand corner should say My O365 E-mail this is the quickest location from which to access your email from a remote desktop or laptop.
Click on this link and enter your username and add after it.  For example, if your user name is ABC01010 then enter
    Enter your password
    Confirm your password
When you submit you will be taken back to the portal page.  The number of unread messages you have should now be showing in this box.  You will click here to access your email.  If you do not see the number of unread messages, check to make sure that My OS365 Email is highlighted.  You may, instead have the Spam Filter  highlighted.  To access email, just click the My OS365 Emailbutton. 

From the Web –
From an internet browser type:  This will take you to the authentication page where you will be prompted to enter your user name and password.  Once entered you will be automatically redirected to the web version of Outlook. 

From your Mobile Devices
Please visit for instructions regarding connecting your mobile devices.  Before following the instructions please remove (or delete) your current mailbox from your mobile device. 

From your desktop
The first time you log into Outlook you will have to enter your new username and your password.  For the purposes of email your username will be followed by “”.  For example, if your user name is ABC01010 then enter  Enter your password.  Before pressing OK, be sure to check the box that asks to remember your credentials.