Monday, February 3, 2014

What rules? Mail rules.

Let's face it, rules don't elicit warm fuzzy feelings, BUT here's how you can use eMail Rules to make life a little easier & more productive!
#1 - You're getting tons of eMail and you want to eliminate some of it.
#2 - You love your Gmail -insert your fav email service here- but no so much your Outlook; how can you get all mail into one location?
#3 - You really want your Moodle class activity forwarded to your phone.
#4 - Even better, you really want your Moodle class activity to text you!
All of this can be accomplished by understanding eMail Rules.  Here's an example (forwarding Moodle announcements to your Gmail)

 Make sure you are logged into your JSC eMail on a computer web browser (ie Firefox)
-On the right side of the page you'll see "Options"

Click on "Organize E-Mail", click "New" and you should get a pop-up window (make sure pop-ups aren't blocked)
At New Inbox Rule select from the dropdown When message arrives "It includes these words in the subject..."
Now Moodle messages always include the course number, so enter that here like this example course "EDU-1109-J01" then click the green +

After closing this popup window you need to choose an action like "Redirect the message to..."
 At the "To:" field enter the your desired email address

If you Rule looks similar to this, then it's good to save and it'll get applied automatically.  Any messages  you receive with "EDU-1109-J01" in the subject will go to your Gmail!